The Johnson Group Safe Room Story

When buying a home, what can be more important for you and your family than our “Safe Room” technology? Nothing, it can save the lives of you and your family.

We started building the first version of our Safe Rooms shortly after seeing first hand, the devastation created by Hurricane Andrew in South Florida in 1992. It was incredible.

I came back committed to finding a new way to save lives and prevent serious injury caused by Andrew's destruction.

Over the years, working with the Wind Research Center at Texas Tech and FEMA, our technology has evolved to our current Safe Room that will protect you and your family from winds up to 250 mph. Our Safe Rooms also meet or exceed all FEMA standards for safe rooms.

We construct a 4 sided solid, reinforced concrete “cocoon” that provides wrap around protection. A steel door provides entry and strength to your “bunker”.

Although it may not be pleasant to talk about these things; besides tornadic activity, our Safe Room provides a fire proof vault and a safe haven from unwanted intruders.

Newer and better building codes will give you a stronger home than a few years ago, but only a Johnson Group Home will guarantee your family's safety.

Please visit us for a presentation on our Safe Rooms so that we can show you how important this is for the safety of you and your family.

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