What Are My Flooring Options When Building Homes in New Smyrna

By Johnson Group Homes
Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 5:27PM

What Are My Flooring Options When Building Homes in New Smyrna

Choosing flooring for your home is a very important decision to make when moving into a new home or making changes to your current one. Flooring is one of the most important features in any home as it doesn’t just serve an important purpose but also determines the style and look of your living space. With so many diverse and multifunctional flooring options available today, finding the right flooring for your homes in New Smyrna Beach won’t be difficult at all.

Here are some of the popular flooring options you can choose from:


Hardwood flooring is one of the most common and popular choices of flooring available today. From bedrooms to kitchens, it can be used throughout your living space and is available in several options. You can pick a naturally light wood option or something with a reddish-brown color. Each type of wood has its own unique look and varies in price.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing hardwood is that it is one of the more expensive flooring options. It can also get a bit beaten up with scratches and dents and incur damage caused by moisture.


Laminate is a very durable and cost-effective flooring option available today. It consists of four layers of synthetic materials and can mimic the look of any surface such as hardwood or tiles. This inexpensive flooring is very durable and can be used in any type of room around the house. Since it can look just like real wood, laminate would look nice even if used in living rooms or hallways.


Just because hardwood and laminate floorings have become popular doesn’t mean the demand for carpeting has become any less. Many people still prefer to have carpeted floors, especially in their bedrooms and other areas of the home where they want to create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Carpeting also helps to insulate a room as carpet fibers can retain heat. Nylon and polyester fibers remain the most popular choices for wall-to-wall carpeting as they offer durability and easy maintenance.

Carpeting, however, can be the hardest to keep clean when compared to most of the other flooring options available.


Vinyl plank flooring is yet another option that is fast gaining popularity. This option is durable, stylish, and very sleek-looking. Vinyl planks and tiles come in various colors and finishes and are waterproof as well. More importantly, they are very cost-effective too, which makes them an easy choice for being used all over the home.


Although tiles gained popularity as the most used flooring options in kitchens and bathrooms, they have fast turned into a common choice for use all over the home as well. Since they are durable and easy to clean, people are enjoying using the various colored and patterned tiles in bedrooms, hallways and living rooms as well. The grout lines between tiles can be a bit hard to keep stain-free but can be maintained with regular cleaning. 

If you are looking for homes in New Smyrna Beach, talk to our team of trusted builders at Johnson Group Homes and have a look at our uniquely designed built homes with stylish and durable flooring options.

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