Timeless Design Choices for Homes in New Smyrna Beach

Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 10:28AM

Timeless Design Choices for Homes in New Smyrna Beach

Do you consider yourself a lover of classic, timeless style? It’s an easy choice in plenty of areas – from taste in clothes to home décor. While trends come and go, there’s plenty of design options that will easily stand the test of time. When you craft your home with classic, adaptable design in mind, you’ll be able to keep your space looking fresh and current for years to come, instead of getting stuck with outdated (and costly-to-renovate) design trends. Read on for some considerations to take into account while you build your new-construction home with home builders in New Smyrna Beach FL – for today, as well as for years to come.


Think Classic Materials

There’s plenty of materials that lend themselves to creating a classic feel in a space – and they’re often natural, high-quality materials that will hold up over time. For example, when looking for quality countertops or other surfaces, using marble is a solid choice with a sophisticated feel. Also, hardwood or neutral-tiled floors help homeowners to steer clear of carpeting trends – with the added convenience of easy cleanup.


Keep it Simple

Simplicity and elegant style are often said to go hand-in-hand. Take this attitude into your home by opting for spaces or pieces of furniture and décor that utilize clean, simple silhouettes. More complicated, trendy pieces may age poorly, but clean lines are a solid and timeless choice. Another idea is to utilize symmetry in your room design – keeping the space balanced can be incredibly pleasing to the eye.


Neutrals Make a Great Base

While experimenting with color is fun, if you’re set on achieving a timeless style, opting for neutral base tones instead can save you a lot of effort that comes with repainting rooms to change up your style or keep up with color trends. White is a clean and bright choice for walls, bringing plenty of light and airiness to rooms – especially ones that might be smaller in size and could feel more closed in with large expanses of darker color. Choosing white, grey, or other neutrals allows you a lot of freedom with changing décor over time.


Blend Old and New

Keeping a space looking timeless can often mean using décor choices to blend the past and the present. You can create interest in the room by introducing something old – maybe some sort of antique or vintage piece that has a classic (as opposed to outdated and trendy) feel. That might be a classic and well-built chair, a collection of old books, or a treasured family heirloom. Even including some old family photos throughout generations can lend a touch of history to a clean, new space.


Keep Spaces Adaptable

It's a simple fact – your needs are going to change over time. What was once a home office might be better served as a hobby room in retirement – or that spare guest room might find a second life as a nursery when it’s time for your family to grow. Build with this idea in mind to set a timeless space apart from the rest. Keeping the room simple and elegant – with nice windows for ample natural light and clean hardwood floors, for example – leaves your options wide open to create a stylish look for any need.


Invest in Skilled Builders

The absolute best way to get started creating a timeless space is to partner with builders who recognize your personal needs and can work to craft a quality space that is guaranteed to last. Invest in the best builder – not the trends! When you partner with Johnson Group Homes, the custom home builder New Smyrna Beach residents trust, to craft your new space, you know that you are working with a builder who values dedication, quality, design, and customer satisfaction. Our homes are uniquely designed by architectural design staff and then crafted by dedicated artisans for the attention to detail that you deserve. Contact Johnson Group Homes today to get started on your timeless new home.

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