Our Guide to a Truly Great Great Room

Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 10:25PM

Our Guide to a Truly Great Great Room

Spacious and inviting, the ideal great room has room for everyone and everything—the perfect place to eat, share, laugh, play or simply unwind! Wondering how to make your custom home’s great room the best it can be? Just read on for a few helpful tips.

Let furniture float

Wondering what to do with all that space? As you fall in love with all the extra square footage provided by a great room, you may be wondering how to best utilize it for overall comfort and style. One easy tip is to let your furniture “float.” While placing furniture against the walls may work well in a smaller space, it can actually make your great room feel a bit overwhelming—so instead, place sofas, dining tables and other pieces of furniture away from the wall and let your space breathe easily.

Add cohesive accents for effortless flow

To prevent your great room from feeling like a random repository of décor styles and furniture, you can mindfully string together accents with a common theme. Whether it’s coastal decorations or a common color, choosing a decorative unifier can help you achieve an effortless flow between each part of your great room.  

Define areas with a beautiful rug

At the same time, creating individual chunks throughout your space will help facilitate simultaneous gatherings in each unique area—from the dining room to the game nook, the TV spot to the reading corner, you get the idea! Simple elements like a beautiful rug or statement piece of art can lend just enough character to each space to help it feel fresh and sophisticated.

Play with a medley of textures

Another fun way to mix things up in your great room? Play with a medley of different textures! A velvet sofa atop a shaggy rug, airy curtains near an industrial bookshelf—whatever your unique look may be, this visual variety will help keep your great room feel exciting and unexpected at every corner.

Let ample lighting guide the way

One of the great parts of a great room is that a beautiful picture window can flood the space with ample light—but don’t rely on it completely. Instead, add personal lighting fixtures to each area (think a stylish floor lamp, decorative chandelier and other options) to lend each a unique character and feel. Plus, on a functional level, having separate lighting options allows each area of the great room to be utilized independently of the ones next to it. In doing so, you achieve effortless versatility. For example, one family member can catch up on some reading with a cozy corner lamp while the rest of the crew watches TV in a darker space.

The ideal great room is a blank canvas against which life’s best memories happen every day! At The Johnson Group, we’re here to help craft a great room—and great home—that you and your family truly enjoy. Just contact us today to get started.  

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