New Smyrna Beach Homes: How To Check For Damage After A Storm

Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 11:31AM

New Smyrna Beach Homes: How To Check For Damage After A Storm

Hurricane season is here in Florida, and it brings wild weather with it. That’s why it’s important to know how you can care for your home in New Smyrna Beach, especially if bad weather makes its way to New Smyrna Beach. From big storms to little storms, it’s always a good idea to check for damage to your New Smyrna Beach home after the fact. And as trusted New Smyrna Beach home builders for decades, we’re here to provide helpful tips and insights for all homeowners. Read on for ways you can check for damage after a storm!


The Roof

A great first step to assessing your home for damage is to go outside after the storm and examine your roof. Things you want to look for include debris, like tree branches or other things that could have flown off in the wind, missing or broken roof shingles, visible cracks or holes, and other visible damage. Some of this can be seen from your yard, but if the storm was big enough, you may want to consider either safely getting on the roof to get a closer look or hiring a professional. Remember safety first, always!


The Windows

Most of the time, window damage is pretty obvious to spot, like spotting shattered glass, but with all the commotion of the storm, you may not have heard if glass shattered or cracks appeared. So, it’s still best practice to go around your home, on the outside and inside, and look at every window in detail. Some non-obvious damage you may be able to spot following a storm can include small cracks, loose glass panes, damaged window frames or small holes. 

Exterior Walls

Time to take a lap around your New Smyrna Beach home and check out those exterior walls! Things you’ll want to look for include loose siding, peeling paint, broken stucco, holes and breaks in the structure or spider-web patterned cracks. If you have a fence in your yard, you may want to make sure you don’t spot any cracks, holes, missing panels or damaged posts. 


Interior Walls

When you’re done examining the exterior of your home, head inside to take a deeper look at any damage that may have occurred to the interior of your home during the storm. A great first step is checking for any visible water damage. Things to look for include any clear damp patches or water pools. It can take some time for things to dry out after a storm, so make sure you keep an eye out for any water damage a few days following heavy rain, too. 


The Gutters

With big storms comes a lot of natural debris, like broken tree limbs, leaves and more. That means your gutters have a high chance of getting clogged with a lot of bad junk. Check for jammed debris along the gutter and in the downspout. Also, make sure your gutters haven’t loosened from the storm and that they are still securely attached to your New Smyrna Beach home. Broken gutters can lead to more issues to your home!


Storms happen. There’s no way to avoid them, but there is certainly a way to ensure your beloved New Smyrna Beach is prepared, protected, and cared for during and after them. There are many small things you can do yourself if you notice your home is damaged after a storm, and catching things early is the best way to save time and money. And sometimes, you may find it necessary to hire a professional to help you repair any damages after a storm. We hope these tips were helpful to all our incredible New Smyrna Beach homeowners, especially in the stormy weather season!

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