New Smyrna Beach Home Tips: How To Take Your Laundry Room From Bland To Bam!

Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 5:30PM

New Smyrna Beach Home Tips: How To Take Your Laundry Room From Bland To Bam!

When it comes to new homes in New Smyrna Beach, the best part is adding your personal touch! Every room in your New Smyrna Beach home should reflect not only your personal style but also the practicality of your lifestyle. For many people, the laundry is a space where we spend a lot of time. So why not make it the best it can be? Read on for tips for improving your laundry room in both big and small ways!


Upgrade Your Appliances

This one may seem like a given, but new appliances can make any chore feel like fun. With functionality improved your productivity will likely increase as well!


Add A Farmhouse Sink

A sink in your laundry room can make washing fabrics by hand, removing stains, and giving those special clothes a little more TLC much easier. Plus, most farmhouse sinks are super deep which makes them practical for hands-on chores, too. 


Get Creative With Counter Space

Your laundry probably isn’t the largest room or space in your house. That’s why getting creative with counter space can make a typically small corner of your home more functional. Try adding some butcher block over front-loading washers and dryers for counter space with adding on to the existing shape of the room.


Switch Out Lighting 

Making your laundry lighter and brighter is a great way to change the mood of your space, helping you see better and feel better. Light fixtures are also a great choice for adding some style to the space!


Upgrade Cabinet Hardware

Take a tired laundry space and give it new life with an easy, and relatively cheap, fix – upgrading your hardware! Change out your cabinet and drawer pulls to give your laundry room a more modern and refreshed look.


Add Some Wallpaper 

Your home should reflect your style and the laundry is no exception. Adding some fresh wallpaper to one or each of the walls can help add style and make it a little more YOU!


Get Organized

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room to do chores and it feels like a mess! Tidy up with some creative storage options, like hooks over the doors and open shelving over the washing machine. If everything has a place to go, you’re more likely to easily keep it clean and organized. 


Life in your New Smyrna Beach home should be everything you’ve dreamed of and more! Expressing your personal style can help make your home sweet home sweeter, and with practical features, spaces in your home can make you feel a little more productive. With more and more people spending more time in their homes in New Smyrna Beach, every room counts. And when you’re ready to build the perfect home in New Smyrna Beach, trust the experts to get it done – call Johnson Group Homes!

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