Ideas to Utilize Gray and Yellow in New Smyrna Beach New Homes

Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 5:20PM

Ideas to Utilize Gray and Yellow in New Smyrna Beach New Homes

Looking for some fresh, new ideas to ring in 2021 with your home décor? Inspiration is right around the corner. Each year, plenty of brands select a color (or colors) to direct the new year with a message – which can be seen reflected in our lives as well as our design habits. This year, Pantone has selected a duo of gray and yellow. More specifically, you’ll be hearing about the shades Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. They reflect a duality of values to carry into this new season – solid foundations, strength, and pragmatism from the gray, but a sense of hope, light, and renewed spirit from the yellow. One way to embrace these concepts in the new year can be to invite them into your new homes in New Smyrna Beach FL with help from Johnson Group Homes. Here’s a few ways we suggest including gray and yellow in your home decorating.

In the Kitchen

A smart and well-fitting location to start introducing these colors into your new home can be the kitchen and dining area! Gray serves as a great base neutral for these areas – and it can be cleanly incorporated in countertops, tile flooring, or cabinets. Yellow serves as a perfect, fresh, lemon-y pop to introduce a little vibrance and zest to the space. Try including it in small touches, like your cookware or dishes, or perhaps even towels or other décor elements. Setting the table with bright yellow flowers can be the perfect sunny-side-up spark to your dining space.

In the Bathroom

Gray and yellow can also set the stage for a perfect, relaxing, spa-quality bathroom in your new construction home. A gray base for the space can keep your bathroom looking clean and modern. However, bringing in a yellow hue can add some sunshine to your morning routine! Try spicing up the space with lemony, floral, or ginger soap, as well as some yellow plush towels or bath rugs. With this fun addition, you’ll feel that spring in your step each morning as you brush your teeth or step out of the shower!

In the Bedroom

Bring that positivity boost into your master bedroom. When you wake each day, find ways to be greeted by yellow pops of color offset by a calming, soothing gray base. Try searching out a fun piece of bright artwork for your walls, or perhaps include some yellow pillows or a cozy fabric throw blanket in your bedding. If you’re not convinced of including such a bright yellow in your relaxing bedroom haven, you can even try taking a more muted, buttery yellow approach. Either way, the combination is sure to add some personality to the space!

We hope these ideas can help get you started trying something new with color in your space for the new year. If you’re interested in starting the new year dreaming up your new space, Johnson Group Homes is here to help. As one of Central Florida’s most prominent builders and the winner of multiple national awards, we’re here to help you find your perfect, quality-construction home. Contact us today to explore what the custom home builder New Smyrna Beach residents love best can build for you!

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