How to Start Surfing in New Smyrna Beach

Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 8:07AM

How to Start Surfing in New Smyrna Beach

Veteran NSB surfers and “newbies” agree: there’s nothing like being out on the water —experiencing the fresh air and bright Central Florida sunshine, and simply having a great time with friends and loved ones. Many people even enjoy solo surfing as a way to find their center and really connect with nature. The trouble for some is knowing exactly how to start. Thankfully, learning and mastering surfing is a fun and straight-forward process.  

Like with many hobbies, experts say you should be patient, explore great areas where you can surf, and be at the beach often. Here are some more ideas to help you jump into surfing in New Smyrna Beach:

Get the Right Tools

As mentioned, it’s important to properly equip yourself any time you go out surfing. Doing so could be the difference between a fun and relaxing day on the water, and having to go home early for lack of adequate protection.

Start by finding the best surfboard for you. This could take some trial and error. Some people rent boards initially until they find a model they love. You should also consider investing in a wetsuit. This way, weather and water temperature will play less of a factor.

You’ll also have to make decisions about other equipment such as a surf leash, board wax, and similar. It’s helpful when you can live near the beach, to maximize access. Achieving that goal is easy when you team with a dynamic home builder with a proven track record of success.

Consider Lessons

Depending on your learning style, it’s a good idea to take surf lessons before you venture out on your own. This can be from a professional instructor, or a friend or loved one who is expert at surfing. The main idea is to familiarize yourself with the sport, and feel comfortable in and around the water.

One of the biggest questions from new surfers is where exactly to catch the best waves. While this can vary by season and depending on the weather, New Smyrna Beach has long been a favorite destination for surfers of all skill levels. Now, you can call this area home for all or part of the year. Best of all, diverse house floor plans are available to help you create an eye-catching and elegant custom residence.

Respect the “Rules”

While there’s no rule book when it comes to surfing, it’s wise and respectful to follow a few unofficial guidelines. That includes surfing only in beginner spots while you’re still learning. Generally speaking, one surfer rides a wave in the same area at the same time. Your instructor or guide can help you glean and follow some of the other unwritten rules.

Now that you’re getting the hang of the sport, you might be wondering how you can log more surfing time throughout the month. One idea is to construct a residence near New Smyrna Beach. Working with trusted and reputable custom home builders can help make that dream a reality.

Secure Frequent Access to the Beach

In fact, many surfers say that in the time between checking the surf report and getting to the beach, conditions could change enough that a day of surfing might have to be cancelled or postponed. When you live closer to the ocean, you’ll be in a better position to enjoy surfing on your schedule.

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