How to Prepare Your New Smyrna Beach Home for Spring

Thu, Mar 03, 2022 at 12:25PM

How to Prepare Your New Smyrna Beach Home for Spring

Although the snug and cozy feeling of winter is something you look forward to every year, it can’t compete with the bright and cheerful ambiance that spring brings along with itself. As the season around us begins to change, why not use this time to make some healthy changes inside your home as well?

Bring In Some of the Outdoors

As you begin to see beautiful flowers and plants bloom around your New Smyrna Beach home, you may get tempted to bring in some of that color and life inside – and you should! Your house will look and smell fresh with the addition of potted plants, fresh flower arrangements, and bouquets. Use mason jars, glass vases, and colorful pots to adorn your home with all the blooms this season has to offer and enjoy the vibrant fragrances that will start filling up your living space.

Air Out Your Home

When the heavy winter winds start fading away and the fresh breeze begins to circulate, open your windows to air out your home. Allowing fresh air in during the beginning of the season is a great way to refresh your home. Use this opportunity to dust your furniture and other items around your rooms that need cleaning along with washing and wiping your blinds and curtains to brighten up the way your windows look.

Brighten Up Your Interior Décor

To embrace the spirit of this upcoming season, start replacing all your winter darks to pastels with cheerful shades of spring! Candy pink, sunshine yellow and lush green shades are great options for the textiles around your home, such as rugs and cushions. Adding pops of color into the various rooms in your home will bring in new energy and life into your living space and help get rid of the winter blues that may still be lingering around.

Get Rid of the Clutter

We all have heard how light and reenergized you feel after accomplishing some spring cleaning – put that thought to test by using this change of season to start decluttering your home. If you start multiple projects at the same time, it might get a bit overwhelming. Instead, pick a room or a corner, start from there and make your way forward. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, your wardrobe and linen closets might be a good place to start from.

Clean and Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Whether it’s your patio, your screened in porch, backyard or just a patch of nature near your entrance – your outdoor space is just as important as the living space inside in creating a fresh look and feel for Spring. Jet-wash your patio, get rid of old and rusty outdoor furniture, trim and treat your flower beds, and add some new outdoor potted plants to brighten up the spots where you love to relax and entertain outside.

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