How to Fill New Smyrna Beach New Homes with Personality

Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 10:28AM

How to Fill New Smyrna Beach New Homes with Personality

What could be a better fresh start than moving into a clean, bright, new-construction space? Sometimes, however, that blank canvas can seem a little stark and daunting. It’s important to inject some of your unique personality and style into your space so you can truly make it feel like a home! Your life is like no one else’s – you have plenty of unique quirks, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and other things that bring you joy. One of the best ways to continuously improve your new space is to customize it to create a one-of-a-kind home in which you love to live. Here’s a few ideas on how to let your personality shine in your new home.


Let Your Lifestyle Drive the Space

First of all (and very early on in the process), you’ll want to consider how the construction of your home can be tailored to your unique lifestyle. After all, building new means that you don’t have to fit yourself and your habits into the mold set by a previous homeowner. Instead, when you’re exploring floorplans for your New Smyrna Beach new homes, you’ll want to consider how the way you live can shape the rooms that you include. Do you have a passion for baking? Then you’ll want to pay extra attention to your kitchen space – and treat yourself to plenty of room to try new recipes. Maybe you love to craft and have used that passion to start a small business from home. In that case, a home office or dedicated craft room to create and store your products can be the perfect choice. Are you part of a large family – and passionate about hosting them for the holidays? Make the great room a festive party central with plenty of space to accommodate the crew.


Make Space for Hobbies and Collections

It’s time to embrace the things that make you happiest! While hobbies and collections often get condemned to boxes in closets or squeezed into other rooms, choosing to instead display your passions at the forefront of your home can help you enjoy them every day. Do you love collecting mugs or fancy dishware? Don’t hide them away unused in cabinets. Instead, you could install custom shelving to turn your collections into beautiful décor pieces that add a personal touch to the space. Hobbies are no different – for example, if you love painting, maybe your artistic side deserves a dedicated studio space!


Choose Things that Make You Happy

One of the most simple tricks to showing your personality in your new home is to pick décor based on what makes you happy. There’s plenty of articles that can show you how to stay on-trend with home design – and while these can certainly help your space look visually beautiful, it might always not be the right choice for everyone! Sometimes, crafting a space that highlights your personality means following your heart. Maybe you found and became attached to a funky bedding set with an interesting pattern. Perhaps you just love looking at a favorite painting by a local artist. Try basing your décor choices around these gut instincts – this could leave you with a space that’s more unconventional and eclectic – but it’s certainly not cookie-cutter!


Don’t Be Afraid of Color

While having white walls can help you to expand the range of your décor choices, it might not be the right choice for everyone. After all, there’s a whole rainbow of paint colors that you can explore in your space. If you’re not interested in painting all the walls, maybe an accent wall can serve to spice up the atmosphere in a room. Why not try utilizing your favorite color – even if it goes against neutral-toned rules? If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you might try an accent wall with some bold wallpaper. There’s even peel-and-stick options for those who might want to change it out later.


Let Johnson Group Homes Help

There’s so many reasons to get excited about creating a space that reflects who you are – so you can fully enjoy each day in your new home. The first step in this process is partnering with expert builders you can trust. With nearly five decades in the industry building quality communities, as well as putting a special focus on design and construction, Johnson Group Homes can bring your vision to life with quality new homes in New Smyrna Beach FL. Contact us today to get started.

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