How to Cut Clutter in New Smyrna Beach New Homes

Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 10:25AM

How to Cut Clutter in New Smyrna Beach New Homes

If you’re tired of living in a messy space, you’re certainly not alone. After all, we all have plenty of stuff around the house to deal with – memory keepsakes, lots of clothes, seasonal decorations, and much, much more. It’s hard to figure out what to make of all these things – and as time passes on, most of us only seem to accumulate more.


When you’ve decided to start working with the premier custom home builder in New Smyrna Beach, Johnson Group Homes, you might have found the perfect opportunity to rethink your organizational strategies. Your new construction home can be tailored to accommodate all your storage needs – and, by taking a few extra thoughtful steps as you go through the process (and a little bit of organizational elbow grease), you’ll end up with a clean and stylish space with plenty of room to keep all your most important things and an environment that grants you the peace of mind to locate everything you need with ease! Read on for a few considerations that could really help you cut through the clutter as you organize your new home.


Rethink Your Closet Space

Having an overstuffed and under-organized closet can make it next-to-impossible to get dressed in the morning without creating an even bigger mess. It’s time to simplify that process! Enjoy your new home’s walk-in closet to the fullest by keeping it orderly and clean – which makes your clothing look a lot more visually appealing. Opt for all-matching hangers and consider a setup with two stacked rows of hanging clothes so you can utilize your closet’s vertical space. You can also include a shoe organizer below your clothing. Your new, open and spacious walk-in closet will motivate you to keep the space clean and easily-accessible going forward!


Integrate Storage into Your Kitchen Design

There are plenty of ways to use effective storage space to organize your kitchen. First of all – consider your cabinets. Utilizing a design that recesses cabinets into the wall can save lots of space. Also, consider installing shelves to once again make use of your home’s vertical space; here, you can store spare dishes, containers, and other things, so your countertops are clutter-free and open to use when you’re cooking a delicious dinner. Pantries can be kept clean and visually appealing by transferring products into clear bins. This avoids expired food and makes items easy to locate. And, if you want to create even more visual appeal, take advantage of shelf dividers to organize your kitchenware, and you’ll never misplace a glass or plate again!


Make Better Use of Your Garage

Our garages often end up as a space to dump every unwanted item and possession that we’re not quite sure what else to do with. However, when you’re imagining your new home, remember that your garage (or toy garage) is a room, just like any other in your home! Organize with style here, too – take care to introduce ample shelving units and clear storage containers. This way, you’ll be able to find the things you store away at a glance without having to open every container and dig. Also, you’ll be familiar with everything stored in your garage – and you’ll know that if it isn’t being used, it can be given or thrown away.


Create an Effective Entry Nook

Every time you enter or leave the house, you’re likely to have plenty of things that you want to take with you when you leave or drop at the door when you return. Instead of letting this area turn into a huge mess, why not take steps to make this transition space functional and intentional? Utilize the foyer to its fullest by creating an entry nook with spots to put all the essentials. You might want a hook or dish to place your keys or a coat rack to leave your jacket. Maybe having a shoe rack  or cubbies for backpacks here is the perfect way to keep unwanted dirt and clutter from being tracked inside. Creating this inviting setup can be the best way to keep your home tidy, right from the entryway.


Partner with Florida’s Trusted Homebuilder

Building and moving into your new dream home is the ideal time to get yourself into the habits of maintaining better organization. Let Johnson Group Homes help you determine the perfect space for your unique storage needs so that you’ll have the ability to fit everything. Visit our website’s model floor plans or contact us today to get started planning the perfect, quality home to fit your lifestyle.

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