How To Prepare Your New Smyrna Beach Home For Thanksgiving

Mon, Nov 01, 2021 at 4:50PM

How To Prepare Your New Smyrna Beach Home For Thanksgiving

What an incredible time of year here in New Smyrna Beach! Fall brings so much to enjoy about your home and the people you invite into it – especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. And if you’re inviting family and friends into your home for the day of giving thanks, here are some tips from your trusted NSB home builders that will help you put your best foot forward. Just read on!


Step Up The Decor Game

If you’re looking to set a welcoming tone for any visitors you may have this Thanksgiving, your home decor is a great way to be inviting. Plus, it is a great excuse to decorate with all your holiday favorites! Try incorporating fall color around your home, hang some new holiday photos, and set out holiday figurines, like pumpkins and faux fall foliage. 


Snag The Latest Kitchen Accessories

Thanksgiving is oftentimes a time of year where we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so making that transition as smooth as possible can help prepare your space for all the Thanksgiving festivities. Update your serving silverware or grab the latest stand mixer. 

Keep It Cozy

As the weather outside gets cooler, it’s important to keep things cozy for your family and guests. That can look like adding throw blankets to furniture or changing out the bedsheets to a more warm material. 

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Areas

Fall is actually a very enjoyable time for many people to spend outside. So, ensuring your outdoor spaces are spruced up and ready for guests is a great way to prepare your home for Thanksgiving. If you’re having company over, try creating a space in the yard for a nice bonfire or hanging some string lights for some extra intimate lighting. 


This time of year is one of the most exciting. With all the holidays and the fresh fall weather, many people enjoy inviting friends and family over to enjoy all the festivities with them. That’s why your trusted home builders in New Smyrna Beach are excited to help you prepare your home for the new season and all the fun that comes along with it. 

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