Create the Perfect Home Office in Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 11:05AM

Create the Perfect Home Office in Your New Smyrna Beach Home

This year has certainly shown us that the Internet and the home are becoming important spaces for our work lives. For some, this might mean more time spent working remotely. Perhaps you’re going back to school online, or have already been taking classes to earn a higher degree around your already-busy schedule. Maybe you’ve started a business from home, or simply have found the need for a designated space to organize household bills, documents, and other tasks to-do.

Whatever your needs, it’s clear that having a dedicated work space or study within your home is becoming crucial in today’s world. When crafting custom homes in New Smyrna Beach FL with Johnson Group Homes, consider these thoughts and tips to keep in mind to create your perfect home office space.


Prioritize Peace and Privacy

We all know that life can be busy – and even more so with everyone else spending more time around the house. Designating a home office space can be the perfect tool to leave your distractions at the door for an instant productivity boost. Unlike finding a spot at the kitchen table or dragging your laptop to the couch, having a home office allows you to mentally separate “work” from “home” – giving you the motivation to get your best work done.  Johnson Group Homes can help you examine our floorplans and tailor them to your needs so you can have a quiet and peaceful study haven in the ideal location in your new custom home. Imagine being able to close the door, away from the chaos of life, and actually be excited to get some work done!


Organization is Essential

You’ve got a lot on your plate – so it’s important to keep an organized space so you won’t be scrambling for important papers or office supplies. You don’t want your important documents spread out all over the kitchen counter or coffee table where they can get lost or damaged. Instead, your home office space should provide plenty of storage tools to keep everything orderly.

Consider installing shelves for your important books, folders, and other items. A good filing cabinet with a handy organizational system within can help you best store and quickly access all the papers you have laying around. Within desk drawers, you can use organizer inserts to keep all miscellaneous supplies in easy-to-access spots instead of allowing every drawer to become a confusing junk drawer. Or, if your organization systems are mainly digital, have you considered utilizing multiple monitors for your computer to more easily see all your information while you work?


Create Optimal Lighting

When you’re working, especially at a computer, you’ll want to take precautions to avoid straining your eyes. Natural light can help. You should consider the placement of windows and the positioning of your computer screen in your home office. Avoid harsh lighting directly in front of or behind your setup, which can affect how you view the screen. With the wrong positioning, you might be fighting glare or getting sun in your eyes around a backlit screen. Having a window to the side might be a better choice to help with your eyes and to avoid harsh lighting being a problem during video calls.


Add That Personal Touch

One of the most important things to remember when crafting your home office is that you are aiming to create a space in which you will want to spend time. So, make it your own! Choose to decorate using colors you love and things that bring you joy. This might mean using fun patterns, motivational quotes to pick you up every morning, or artwork that you find inspirational. Adding a personal touch might mean decorating with beloved family photos or something else special to you. While you create your perfect study haven away from the rest of the world, it’s important to boost your mood with an environment that excites you.


The Johnson Group is the custom home builder New Smyrna Beach residents can trust to craft the perfect home, with spaces to fit every unique need. Browse our website to learn more and contact us today to get started building.

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