5 Fall Trends To Try in Your New Smyrna Beach New Homes

By Johnson Group Homes
Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 1:02PM

5 Fall Trends To Try in Your New Smyrna Beach New Homes

Every season brings its own unique feeling into your home but there’s something about Fall that’s quite unmatched. Maybe it’s just the crispness of the air that comes through your windows or perhaps the autumn foliage in your backyard, there’s something about this season that wants you to embrace it indoors as well. And why not? Fall colors are gorgeous and incorporating the elements and textures of the season in your New Smyrna Beach new homes is a great idea!


Set Up Your Color Palette

Decorating a new home is such an exciting feeling and time in your life. Since you are starting fresh, why not set up your color palette with shades and tones that reflect the season outside. Reds, oranges and yellows are the typical colors that came to mind when you think of Fall but there is so much you can do with earthy tones of greens and browns as well.

Bring in these shades through cushions, blankets and wooden accented furniture, and if you want to get carried away, bring in these color schemes into your bedroom linens as well.

Get Creative with Textured Fabrics

With the weather cooling down, flannel blankets and throws begin showing up more inside our homes. As you set up your new home, think of textures and fabrics that make you feel comfortable and will want to make you snuggle up. Chunky knitted blankets, velvet and plush faux fur are all materials that are reflective of the season and also bring in a rich, warm feeling indoors.

Bring in Some of the Outdoors

You obviously must have lots of ideas of what you want to place where in your new home. One thing that can fit in easily between all your décor and furniture is plants. Succulents along with different sized and colored plants are a great way to bring in some life to your rooms and can be set up in so many beautiful ways. Don’t shy away from wreaths and garlands too as you start thinking of how to decorate your fireplace and empty walls.

You can also bring in a bit of nature inside by using materials such as rattan, wicker and wood in your furniture and accessories around your kitchen and living room.

Fall Fragrances and Earthy Scents

Candles and essential oils are a great way to introduce fragrances into your new home. Since it’s the perfect time of the year to celebrate all things natural and outdoorsy, why not set up beautiful candle stands and floating candle bowls around your home that will not only bring in an aesthetic value to your living space but will also keep the scent of fall alive indoors.

There are so many more ways to bring in wooden and earthy accented furniture and accessories into your home this season. It all depends on what your preferences, budget and aspirations are! Don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts with your trusted team of home builders in New Smyrna Beach and let us know how we can help!

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