4 Tips for Hobby-Friendly Custom Homes in New Smyrna Beach

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 10:25PM

4 Tips for Hobby-Friendly Custom Homes in New Smyrna Beach

This summer, we may all be spending more time at home—but when your space is custom-suited to house all of your favorite hobbies, you can still enjoy your season to the fullest! Just read on for a few of our top tips for crafting a hobby-friendly home, starting with support from the custom home builder New Smyrna Beach residents know and trust, The Johnson Group. Take a look.

Opt for a toy garage for effortless storage

Did you know that several Johnson Group floorplans come standard with a convenient toy garage? As a handy addition to your regular garage, this space can serve as a place to store go-carts, water sports gear, bikes and other hobby equipment. It can also work well as a workshop or studio! When you have a designated hobby space right at home, it becomes easier than ever to fulfill your passions and big ideas as they strike.

Get more out of your spare room

When designing your own custom home, you can include handy touches that make your hobby easy to enjoy. For example, instead of just working out of a standard spare room, you can customize yours to include ample built-in storage, or to let in lots of light for arts and crafts via a large picture window. These are just a few of the fun ways you can get more out of your spare room.

Add fun accents

Whether your passion is golf, surfing, pottery, baking, you name it, you want to show it off! Your custom home is a great place to include stylish, decorative odes to your hobby. You can restrict these to one room (such as a place to show off your collection of sports jerseys or movie posters), or add touches throughout your home. Either way, this is your custom space! You deserve to make it your own in every way possible.

Beyond the home

Your hobby fun can extend beyond the home, too! Embrace your inner green thumb and start an herb or veggie garden in your backyard or lanai, or pick up the sport of surfing (for which New Smyrna Beach is the Sunshine State’s premier destination!). When outdoor adventure calls, your hobbies are easy to enjoy from your New Smyrna Beach home or just minutes up the road.

We hope that these tips help you craft a welcoming custom space, where hobbies old and new can flourish with ease! If you’re ready to get started with a custom home of your own, contact the team at The Johnson Group today. As the premier builder of custom homes in New Smyrna Beach, we have the expertise needed to deliver the features you want in a truly rewarding process.

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