4 Fun Beachy Holiday Décor Ideas for Homes in New Smyrna Beach

Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 12:06PM

4 Fun Beachy Holiday Décor Ideas for Homes in New Smyrna Beach

With December and the upcoming holiday season drawing ever closer, those with New Smyrna Beach new homes are beginning to consider their holiday decorating and, with that, how to best get their beachy Floridian homes ready for Christmas. While we might not be seeing any snow in Florida, living down here means staying close to sand and sunshine, year-round. Why not reflect that in your holiday decorating choices? Embrace what makes your home special (and become the envy of those stuck in the Northern ice and snow) with a few of these beachy, Floridian holiday décor ideas.

Decorate Your Palm Tree

We’re used to decorating and lighting up our Christmas tree indoors – but living in Florida means a much more comfortable environment to spend some time decorating with outdoor lights. With the Floridian foliage, this can often take on a bit of tropical flair. Plenty of residents take to decorating their palm trees, wrapping them with lights in white, red, and green tones to celebrate the season. Whether you opt for traditional string lights, fairy lights, or even LED rope lights, you’re bound to create some holiday magic right in your own front yard!

Opt for Beachy Colors

One simple way to bring a beachy twist to your holiday decorating is to try out alternative colors. Instead of a bold green and red, you might opt for a softer blue and white, serving double duty as a wintery palette as well as giving the peaceful, calming feeling of the beautiful oceanfront. You can easily incorporate these tones in your tree decorating, along your mantel, and even when creating place settings at the Christmas dinner table.

Think Natural Materials

Another option for mixing up your holiday décor might include incorporating natural materials reflective of a seaside environment. For example, there’s plenty of unique uses for driftwood for the holidays – perhaps in a creative wreath, as ornaments, or in a decorative vase. Rough wood accents can also add a rustic touch to the space. Also, you can spruce up decorative bowls with candles and accents like coral for a natural, oceanic touch. Perhaps palm fronds can even swap out for other more traditional winter greenery.

Use Seashells and Starfish

There’s so many easy places that you can include seashells in your holiday décor! You can incorporate them on a wreath, consider hanging them as ornaments, scatter some on a table or in a bowl amongst traditional holiday ornaments and sea glass, and much, much more. For a fun option, you could create or purchase a starfish tree topper to put a less-expected beachy twist on a traditional Christmas symbol.

We hope that these ideas have helped you to begin thinking about new and interesting ways to decorate your homes in New Smyrna Beach FL for the holidays. Or, if you’re still dreaming about your future custom home, it’s the perfect time to consider working with Johnson Group Homes, the custom home builder New Smyrna Beach residents trust, to bring your vision to reality at the Palms in Venetian Bay. Explore our floor plans today to discover the best place to create future holiday memories – both indoors and outdoors in the lovely Florida weather. Contact us today to get started building the home of your dreams.

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