3 Ways To Bring The Outdoors Indoors This Fall From New Smyrna Beach Home Builders

Mon, Nov 01, 2021 at 4:52PM

3 Ways To Bring The Outdoors Indoors This Fall From New Smyrna Beach Home Builders

There are so many things to love about fall in Florida! From the beautiful weather to the changing colors, the outdoors becomes a staple to this beloved season’s treats. And if you love all the outdoors has to offer, then you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are several ways you can incorporate the allure of the outdoors on the inside of your New Smyrna Beach home. Just read on for our tips to bringing the outdoors indoors this fall!


DIY Dried Florals

Dried florals have grown into a huge home decor trend even beyond the fall season, but there is something about them that just screams “fall.” That’s what makes them a great staple in your home decor planning this fall in order to bring a little bit of the alluring outdoors into your home. With “do-it-yourself” dried florals you can begin scattering this decor across your home to invite a fall feeling at every turn. There are a few different ways to create your own dried florals. YouTube is a great resource for some tutorial videos, but some plants you can use in your New Smyrna Beach home yard could include palm leaves, poppy flowers and pampas grass. 


Nature Scents

When it’s not quite time for cheery holiday scents, nature scents are a great way to celebrate the current season and invite it into your home. From candles and diffusers to essential oils and beyond, opting for natural scents, like evergreen, woods, leather, smoke or spruce, can help bring in the aromas of fall. Many candle companies carry outdoor-scented candles, so it’s important to explore your local candles and fragrance stores for that scent that will make the perfect addition to your New Smyrna Beach home! Scent is a major personal preference, but with so many nature-scented options out there, you are sure to find the right selection for you. 


Sound Machines

Surround yourself with the sounds of fall with a little help from sound machines or sound machine apps on your devices. Whether you use a physical sound machine or use a mimic app of some sort, sounds, like rain, waterfalls and breezes, can make you feel like you enjoy nature while remaining indoors. Sound machines help many people sleep, but they can also aid in keeping you focused. So, if you work from home, you may find that these sounds should stick around even as fall passes. 


Fall is in the air here in New Smyrna Beach and one of the many things your trusted NSB homebuilders enjoy about this season is all the ways we can incorporate it into our homes. So, as you embark on fun fall festivities with your family or invite company over for the fall holidays, try out some of these easy ways to invite the outdoors indoors this fall!

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