3 Reasons to Add a Porte Cochère to your New Smyrna Beach New Homes

Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 12:06PM

3 Reasons to Add a Porte Cochère to your New Smyrna Beach New Homes

While examining floorplans and features for your New Smyrna Beach new homes, you might come across an unfamiliar phrase. What exactly is a porte cochère? The term is French – meaning “coach gateway.” This structure serves as a covered entranceway to your new home – large enough for your car to pass under. Wondering what this fun feature could offer for your new-construction home? Read on for a few reasons to love the porte cochère!

Historic, Classic Charm

The porte cochère has existed for hundreds of years, including back in the 18th and 19th centuries, as a feature of mansions and public buildings. Usually, carriages would pull up under these structures in order to drop off or pick up those arriving at or leaving the building. While this architectural feature may have its roots in the past, that doesn’t mean it can’t be functional in the present! Building a new construction home is the perfect opportunity to blend the old and the new. A porte cochère can add a sense of classic style and charm to your space while also proving incredibly useful in day-to-day life. 

Elegance and Curb Appeal

Although you’re probably no longer heading home with a horse and carriage as the original function of the porte cochère intended, driving up to this structure in your new home still adds a stately, impressive feeling to the space that can’t be denied. As such, one great reason to add a porte cochère to your new construction home is really quite simple – it’s a fantastic way to create some elegant curb appeal! It’s a high-end architectural design touch that will be sure to make a statement when you invite guests – or even simply arrive home yourself. As a well-known feature included in mansions, important public buildings, hotels, and other elaborate constructions, the porte cochère can add a sense of grandness to your home – a great option for those looking for that extra touch to make their new construction house into something truly special.

Protection from the Elements

Owners of new homes in New Smyrna Beach FL quickly learn that above all else, life in Florida means coping with unpredictable weather. Rainfall can crash down in an instant, leaving little chance to find cover in some situations – and the whole storm can be over and done just as quickly. Sometimes, this can happen at the worst possible moment – like when you’re trying to get inside your house after coming home from a grocery shopping trip or other outing. Instead of waiting out the downpour from inside your vehicle to get indoors without getting drenched, opting to build with a porte cochère can help you find the shelter you need. Simply pull your car up to the door under the porte cochère for protection from the elements! Or, on a warm, sunny summer day, it also provides a shield from the heat. The porte cochère doesn’t just look great – it’s also a highly functional choice in many regards!

We hope that we’ve given you a few reasons to love this unique design element as much as we do. There’s plenty of reasons and features to love with your new construction home – and the porte cochère is just one option to scratch the surface. Partner with the custom home builder New Smyrna Beach residents love to learn more. Now is the perfect time to explore our floorplans which exquisitely blend contemporary, Mediterranean and Southern Coastal architectural design. Contact us today in order to start finding all the comfort and convenience you need in a new home!

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