3 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Thu, Mar 03, 2022 at 12:20PM

3 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Regardless of how comfortable the rest of your home may be, there is something about the kitchen which makes people gravitate towards it – and it’s not just for the food. The kitchen can be considered the heart of your home, where your family drops in one by one in the morning before heading out for the day. It’s where homework is completed, and projects are put together. Delicious dinners are cooked and served, and platters laid out to entertain guests. With the modern kitchen today playing such a multipurpose role, it only makes sense to design and build it in the most practical way possible.

Too Many Colors and Styles

Having a colorful kitchen may seem like a bright and cheerful idea but it can very quickly backfire, making it seem like there is too much going on instead of giving off a solid vibe. Using neutral colors for your fixtures, shelves, and cabinets as well as appliances will work better in the long run. Being too trendy or using shades that are seasonal will eventually go out of style, leaving you with a kitchen that you really don’t feel sure about anymore. Bring in pops of color through lighting, stools, and island décor instead.

Not Enough Lighting

Kitchens need a lot of light considering all the cooking and cleaning that goes on in there. If your kitchen has windows, use natural lighting during daytime but don’t skimp on adequate lighting options for when it gets dark outside. Remember to have your prep areas, sink, and stove well-lit so that you don’t need to bring in additional lighting fixtures after the design is complete. Under cabinet lighting is also a great feature to add when thinking about providing your counters with enough lighting for accomplishing regular tasks around the kitchen.

Impractical Shelves and Cabinet Designs

A kitchen should have an equal mix of concealed and open shelves, as well as cabinets so that all your appliances and dishes have appropriate storage. There are going to be certain appliances that you use often and need to stuff back inside once done using them. For such things, concealed cabinets are most practical as you don’t need to worry about your kitchen looking messy. For dishes, platters, and other items that you use only on special occasions, you can have some open shelf space where you could display them. Not thinking about all the storage space, you will need from your cabinets, shelves, and drawers will make things very inconvenient later when you are left with multiple kitchen tools, appliances, and pots and pans that have no place to be tucked into. Items that you use most often should be in easily accessible spots while things that come out rarely can be stored higher up top or corner cabinets where you don’t need frequent access.

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